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Filter Minder® Visual / Electrical Switches

The Filter Minder® product line is distributed worldwide and can be purchased through our partners and stocking distributors located around the globe.


Global Distribution


If you have questions about specific products or have an application not covered by our current product line, please give us a call at 319-234-0231. You may also contact our partners directly for product availability and pricing.


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Air Line Filter and Indicator
End of Life

Extreme clogging will extend the red indicator (as device progresses towards full bypass mode) until it is fully extended, locked, and requires replacement. Build-up of debris will open the bypass to keep air flowing.

When restriction becomes excessive, a bright red indicator deploys from the device, indicating it is time to change the filter.

The filter cartridge is replaceable with a 1-1/4” wrench/socket and is ready again to protect your operating assets in just seconds.

Air Line Filter and Indicator
Early Filter Life 

In routine use, air flows through the Air Line Filter, trapping particles.

The Air Line Filter and Indicator (ALFI) protects against harmful debris and contaminants in high pressure air lines in a wide variety of industrial, transportation and on-site applications requiring compressed air or gas.  


The Filter Minder® Air Line Filter and Indicator

We are pleased to introduce a new addition to its portfolio of filter monitoring products.... the innovative, versatile and convenient Air Line Filter and Indicator. Click through the showcase to learn more and view the ALFI Animation.