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Filter Minder® Visual / Mechanical Indicators & Gauges

When To Service?

A Dirty Filter Element Is Better Than A Clean OneAir filter restriction is not time or miles dependent.

Mileage of as much as 300,000 to as little as 5,000 miles have been reported when restriction is reached.

It is important to know the highest full load restriction that occurred during the vehicle operation in order to service BEFORE the redline.  

After an element has reached its redline value, it only takes a little more contaminant before high fuel consumption and poor engine operation occurs.  Don't Dust Your Engine!

A Few of Many Industries Served

Air Filtration Markets Served


  • Durable heavy-duty design

  • Large, easy-to-read window/flag

  • Multiple mounting options

  • Resistant to under-hood chemicals

  • Private labeling available


  • Tells operator when to change the air filter

  • Allows full use of filter capacity

  • Reduces down time and aids in maintenance planning

  • Helps with troubleshooting low power

  • Economical value add