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Designing, Manufacturing, and Improving Filter Monitoring Indicators, Switches and Sensors for Over 35 Years

  • Why a Filter Minder®?

    Filter Minder Threaded Mount Air Filter Restriction IndicatorFilter Minder® is the ORIGINAL filter restriction indicator and there simply isn't a better filter monitoring product available.

    Engineered Products Co. has designed, manufactured, and improved Filter Minder® filter monitoring devices for over thirty-five years.

    Our product line has expanded to include a full and exceptionally high quality line of filter AND pressure monitors, including indicators, switches, and sensors

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  • Myth vs Fact

    Freightliner Truck On HighwayThe Filter Minder® filter monitoring device makes it easy for you to tell when it's time to change filters.  

    The myth is that an automotive air filter should be changed about every 6,000 miles, or when it "looks dirty."

    The fact is that a certain amount of dirt in an air filter actually increases its filtering efficiency by reducing the size of the holes in the filter media which helps stop smaller dirt particles.

    This means that instead of a maximum life of 6,000 miles, the typical air filter may actually last anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 miles!

  • Private Labels

    Filter Minder® with Ford Private LabelThe Filter Minder® can be private labeled with your company name, logo, and part number along with your color preference.

    Text can be printed so that it is readable with the Filter Minder® mounted in a specific location or orientation (with the reset pointing up or down).

    For high volume annual requirements, there are no price penalties. There is a one-time artwork and design charge for each specific label.

  • When To Service?

    A Dirty Filter Element Is Better Than A Clean OneAir filter restriction is not time or miles dependent.

    Mileage of as much as 300,000 to as little as 5,000 miles have been reported when restriction is reached.

    It is important to know the highest full load restriction that occurred during the vehicle operation in order to service BEFORE the redline.  

    After an element has reached its redline value, it only takes a little more contaminant before high fuel consumption and poor engine operation occurs.  Don't Dust Your Engine!

  • Use A Filter?

    Engineered Products Company can provide a high quality monitoring device.  

    A Variety of Engine Air FiltersThe Filter Minder® can be found on a wide variety of applications throughout the world, including:  Automotive - Truck - Construction - Agriculture - Compressors - Blowers - Hydraulics - Lawn and Garden - Irrigation Industries - Oil Fields - Marine.... or any industry that uses a filter.

Use Full Filter Capacity - Optimize Service Intervals - Reduce Labor - Avoid Excess Fuel Consumption - Extend Engine Service Life - Eliminate Unplanned Downtime - Stop Costly Over Servicing

Prevent Potentially Catastrophic Damages Due To Under Servicing

Filter Minder® Product Portfolio

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  • Visual / Mechanical Indicators monitor the condition of engine air filters, fuel filters or other low vacuum/pressure applications. The indicators are available in: (1) single position
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    Visual / Mechanical

  • Visual / Electrical Switches monitor the condition of engine air filters, fuel filters or other low to medium vacuum/pressure applications. The indicators are available in:(1) single
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    Visual / Electrical

  • Electronic Pressure Sensors monitor various vacuum or pressure conditions ranging from cabin pressures to air filter or fuel filter restriction levels. They feature an analog
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  • A wide array of accessories are available to complement Filter Minder's® product line up, including LED displays, custom fittings, mounting brackets, hoses and grommets.  
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