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Filter Minder® Vacuum and Pressure Sensors

  Sensor LED Display  
  Designed for easy visual indication of the status of vacuum and pressure sensors  


    Engineered Products Co. has designed, manufactured, and improved Filter Minder® filter monitoring devices for over thirty years. Throughout this time, the company's product offering has expanded to include a full and exceptionally high quality line of filter monitors, including gauges, indicators, switches, and sensors.
    The Filter Minder® line of filter monitoring devices can be found on a wide variety of applications throughout the world, in industries such as automotive, truck, construction, agriculture, compressors, blowers, hydraulics, lawn and garden, irrigation... in short, any industry that uses a filter.
Visual Air Filter
Service Indicators
Diesel Fuel Filter
Service Indicators
Vacuum and
Pressure Switches
Vacuum and
Pressure Sensors
Indicator Indicator Switch Sensor


Furnished with molded-in connector. See Sensors

Filter Minder® Applications
Air Filter Restriction
Diesel Fuel Filter Restriction
HVAC Filter and Cabin Pressure
Brake Pressure Monitoring
Exhaust Pressure (DPF)
Crankcase Pressure Monitoring
Industrial Filter Monitoring
Liquid Level Sensing
Hydraulic Filter Monitoring
Dessiccant Filter Monitoring
Coolant Filter
HVAC Low Pressure Vacuum Sensor


Measures HVAC Filter Restriction


Measures Cabin Pressure


1 to 5 Inches Water Pressure or Vacuum


HVAC Filter and Cabin Pressure Literature


Installation for Cabin Pressure Sensor



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