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A Filter Minder® for Any Industry

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  • Filter Minder® Product Portfolio
  • Military Humvee
    Striker Armored Vehicles


  • Tractors
    Planting Equipment
    Soil Cultivation Equipment
    Harvesting Equipment
    Loader, Grader & Excavation


  • Class 1 Trucks
    Class 2 Trucks
    Class 3 Trucks

    Light Truck

  • Class 4-6 Medium Duty Trucks
    Class 7-8 Heavy Duty Trucks

    Heavy Truck

  • Stationary Gen Sets
    Fracking Rigs
    Mining & Forestry
    Small Engines


Filter Minder® Visual / Mechanical Indicators & Gauges

Standard and Custom Designed Product Offerings for Nearly Any Application

Filter Minder® is recognized as the global leader for a broad range of solutions used to accurately monitor the performance and effectiveness of air and fluid filtration systems across an impressively broad range of applications.

Applications include automotive, truck, construction, agriculture, compressors, blowers, hydraulics, lawn and garden, and irrigation industries... or any industry that uses a filter.  Select any picture below to enlarge.


  • Komatsu Excavator Mechanical Indicator
  • Oil Field Applications Non-Locking Air Switch, LP Sensor, and LED Displays could make a difference in an oil field.
  • Baker Hughes Sensor LED Display Control Panel
  • Caterpillar Graduated Air Indicator
  • Blue Bird Single Position Indicator
  • John Deere Sprayer Cabin Pressure Indicator
  • Tarmac Heat Supply Graduated Air Filter Indicator
  • Elgin Crosswind Remote Mounted Graduated Indicator
  • Fuel Filter Indicator Mounted with Straight Thread Fitting
  • Sogefi Stationary Genset Single Position Indicators
  • "Beautiful Dreamer" "Fuel Fixer" on Racor Filter Head
  • American Power Sensor and Switch
  • Ford Super Duty
  • Volvo Heavy Truck Remote Mount
  • Hummer Military Application Dash Panel Mount
  • Cummins Filtration Remote Mount Indicators
  • Hagie Dash Mount Indicator