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Filter Minder® Visual / Mechanical Indicators & Gauges

Filter Minder® Dash Panel Gauge

Air Filter Restriction Monitoring Gauge

Graduated Indication / Dash Panel Mount


How It Works

The Filter Minder® Dash Panel Gauge uses a graduated indicator that monitors engine air filters. The position indicator progressively fills the window as air filter restriction increases, locking at the highest restriction. The air filter should be changed when the position indicator reaches the red zone.

The Filter Minder® should be reset whenever the service indicator is checked to determine air filter restriction or when a new air filter is installed. Push the reset button and the position indicator will return to zero.

Filter Minder® Air Filter Indicator - Dash Mount




Mounts in a panel or dash for convenience of the driver or operator. An illuminated version is available. Bezels in chrome, black, or green. Air cleaner fittings, and vacuum hose available.  See Accessories / Related Products.


  • Vacuum Indicator (differential and pressure available)
  • Locking Type (non-locking available)
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +250°F (-40 to +121°C)
  • Standard Calibration: 8-35" water vacuum (2-8.7kPa) at the red zone
  • Accuracy: ±10% at red zone
  • Material: Polycarbonate housing


  • Length: 61 mm
  • Diameter: 59.7 mm

A Few of Many Industries Served

Air Filtration Markets Served


  • Mounts in dash panel for high visibility and convenience
  • Illuminated option available
  • Can be configure to measure pressure, vacuum or differential pressure

  • Durable, heavy-duty design

  • Private labeling available

  • Multiple mounting configurations

  • Resistant to under-hood chemicals


  • Maintains last recorded level of filter restriction

  • Allows for full use of filter capacity

  • Reduces down-time and aids in maintenance planning
  • Reduces ooperational costs for end-users