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Filter Minder® Visual / Electrical Switches

Filter Minder® Single Position Switch Indicator

Air Filter Restriction Monitoring Indicator / Switch

Single Position & Signal Indication / Threaded Mount


How It Works

The Filter Minder® Single Position Switch Indicator is a combination single position indicator and switch. The window turns red when the maximum recommended air filter restriction has been reached and a signal is sent to the filter warning light on the dash or to the engine computer to record as a diagnostics fault. The warning light locks on until the indicator is reset.

The Filter Minder® should be reset whenever the service indicator is checked to determine air filter restriction or when a new air filter is installed. Push the reset button at the end of the service indicator, and the position indicator will return to zero.

single position switch shad


175578 (1/8" Pipe Thread)
176578 (3/8-24 Straight Thread O-Ring)
177578 (M10x1 Straight Thread O-Ring)


Mounts directly to air cleaner or air induction piping.  Adapter fittings are available.  Brackets for remote mounting are also available.  See Accessories / Related Products.


  • Vacuum Indicator
  • Locking Type
  • Switch Activation Point: 8" H20 (2kPa) minimum to 40" H20 (10kPa) maximum
  • Accuracy: ±10% at switch activation
  • Material: Polycarbonate housing
  • Normally open or closed switches with precious metal contacts
  • Molded-in Packard Metri-Pak 150 Series Connector
  • Severe Dust Filter also available


  • Length: 55 mm
  • Diameter: 50.3 mm (with connector: 64 mm)

A Few of Many Industries Served

Air Filtration Markets Served


  • Integrated switch that can be configured normally open or closed

  • Durable, heavy-duty design

  • Private labeling available

  • Multiple mounting configurations

  • Resistant to under-hood chemicals


  • Opens or closes a switch at highest set point which provides a signal to the control module or light

  • Allows full use of filter capacity

  • Tells when to change the filter

  • Reduces down time and aids in maintenance planning

  • Helps prevent excess fuel consumption due to a restricted filter