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What Our Customers Have To Say About Filter Minder®

When an impartial third-party questioned our customers on our performance in product innovation, relationships, customer service and the quality of our Filter Minder® product line, here is what they had to say:

  • "EPC is the most innovative manufacturer of fuel filter monitoring systems as far as I am concerned. When we asked them if they would be able to help us develop a similar product to the one we were using for the fuel systems we were producing for Ford but with different configurations their answer was simply: 'No problem.‘"
    Commodity Manager
    Windsor, CT,
  • "There are other companies out there similar to Engineered Products, but we haven‘t looked at them very closely because we have an excellent relationship with Engineered Products. The decision was made before my time, at least 20 years ago. I don‘t know why we initially chose to work with Engineered Products."
    Product Engineer
    Crane Carrier
    Long-Enduring Relationships
  • "I can comment as to why we choose to work with EPC. The relationship was already in place when I took over this position in 2004. As for whether or not they are differentiated, let‘s put it this way: We have never had any inclination to go out and try to find someone else. We are very pleased with their products and their service."
    Procurement Specialist
    Aerospace Filtration Systems
    Long-Enduring Relationships
  • "There is no 'key strength‘ that comes to mind when I think of EPC. The way I look at it is if they aren‘t on my radar it‘s because there haven‘t been any problems, which means that they‘re doing a good job. And to their credit, EPC has not been on my radar. The quality of their products is very good as is their availability and service responsiveness."
    Able Manufacturing & Assembly
    Joplin, MO
    Product Reliability
  • "Filter Minder‘s key strength is obviously their customer service. We couldn‘t be happier with them in this respect. From the start it‘s been what‘s really made them stand out. I was in charge of evaluating different potential providers and the key reason as to why I selected Filter Minder was their service. When we were looking at different vendors to bring in a work with us on developing a highly durable sensor for our OEM client‘s dust collectors what really stood out about Filter Minder was that they were quick to get back to us and offered a serious response. A lot of the other vendors, to Filter Minder‘s advantage, just gave us cookie-cutter responses that provided no indication of their ability to help us with our objective."
    Sales Manager
    Appleton Compressor
    Menasha, WI
    Customer Service Performance
  • "I can‘t say that it‘s a 'weakness,‘ but what I would like to see more of is innovation. Give me more; I want them to push the envelope further. Technology is always changing; the market wants LEDs and other options to get the feedback. As I have mentioned, we are very pleased with the developments we‘ve been working with them on—and we hope to see more of it in the future."
    Note from EPC: We now have LED Displays, Sensors, a new Pressure Switch and other exciting innovative technology on the horizon!
    Wacker Neuson Corporation
    Menomonee Falls, WI
  • "EPC offers an excellent product. Their pricing is competitive. The product failure rate is very minimal. Throughout our whole working relationship with EPC, there have been very few product failures, maybe one or two out of thousands. EPC also is very responsive both to the needs of our engineers as well to delivery requests."
    Material Lifecycle Analyst
    K&N Engineering, Inc.
    Riverside, CA,
    Product Reliability
  • "EPC‘s greatest strength is the durability of their products. Their products do what it claims to do. It fully lives up to our expectations. Our Rammers—the application for which we use the air filter monitors—are highly abusive. It‘s not easy for this type of technology to last long because of how harsh an environment it is. But somehow the Filter Minders hold up just fine."
    Wacker Neuson Corporation
    Menomonee Falls, WI
    Product Reliability
  • "I think Filter Minder‘s biggest strength is that they‘re a small company which allows them to be more attentive, flexible, and responsive to their customers‘ needs. Their support team is on-site, and they‘re easy to talk to."
    Design Engineer
    Detroit, MI
    Customer Service Performance
  • "I‘m not aware of any companies that offer alternate solutions to the ones that Filter Minder offers. Filter Minder does well with innovation as they are helping us develop a new dashboard mounted fuel sensor."
    Fuel Fixers
    Jensen Beach, FL
  • "EPC‘s biggest strength is that we have ample communication with them. It‘s very helpful that we have a local EPC contact to interact with."
    Senior Design Engineer
    Seattle, WA
    Customer Service Performance
  • "EPC‘s greatest strength is simply that they have a good durable product."
    Purchasing Manager
    Capital Engine Company
    Reynoldsburg, OH
    Product Reliability
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We are very proud to consistently deliver the highest quality product available with exceptional customer service and on-time delivery.  We appreciate all of our customer partnerships.