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Filter Minder® Accessories / Related Products

A wide array of accessories are available to complement Filter Minder's® product line up, including LED displays, custom fittings, mounting brackets, hoses and grommets.


The most common fittings are in stock and available immediately. Unique custom designed fittings are available upon request.  View common Fitting Configurations.

Extended Fitting


Vacuum test kits are available upon request:  Vacuum Test Kits


View common electrical connectors:  Electrical Connectors

Fleetguard Kit


Several styles of remote mount brackets are available for indicators, switches and sensors. These allow the device to be placed in locations for easier access or visibility.



Hoses are available that allow the use of remote mount brackets.


Various grommets are available for indicators, switches and sensors. These allow for quick and easy installation.

Sensor LED Display - Round



The LED Display complements any voltage output sensor (0-5Vdc). It will accept 6 to 30 volts input and can provide sensors with a regulated 5 volt signal. It is capable of reading sensor output voltage to help determine the conditions being monitored. As voltage increases, a light bar progressively illuminates until reaching maximum condition or full illumination of the light bar. The unit has resident memory and will retain the highest condition, even if power is turned off. The LED in the last position flashes when the maximum condition is reached. The display can be adjusted to off, dim and bright settings. It can be reset to zero by pushing the reset button. It is available in panel or dash mounts. 


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  • Hose Hose is available in lengths of up to 20 ft.
  • Miscellaneous Miscellaneous accessories, such as decals, fitting caps, and electrical connectors are available.
  • Fuel Indicators Fuel Indicators with a variety of fitting options.
  • Fittings Fittings may be purchased in bulk packs.
  • Test Syringe Test syringes are available for use with any Filter Minder® product.
  • LED Display The LED Display is available in either a square or circle mount.
  • Fittings A wide assortment of fittings are available to accommodate virtually any application need.
  • Brackets and Grommets Brackets and grommets add mounting versatility.
  • Fitting Safety Filter Shown
  • LED Display Square
  • Wire Harnesses Wire harness adapters are available to accommodate virtually any application.
  • LED Display Round