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Filter Minder® Visual / Mechanical Indicators & Gauges

Filter Minder® Flag Indicator

Air Filter Restriction Monitoring Indicator

Single Position Indication | Direct Mount


How It Works

As the air filter becomes restricted, a yellow flag extends from the Filter Minder® Flag Indicator.  The filter should be changed when the yellow flag is extended. Reset by pushing in on the yellow flag.

Filter Minder® Flag Indicator




Mounts directly to air cleaner with interlock press fit or rubber grommet. Remote mount with hose barb is optional.  See Accessories / Related Products.


  • Vacuum Indicator
  • Locking Type
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +221°F (-40 to +105°C)
  • Standard Calibration: Minimum Set Point 3" H2O. Maximum Set point 30" H2O
  • Accuracy: 3-10" H2O±1" 11-30" H2O±10%
  • Material: Nylon


  • Diameter: 1.9" (49mm) diameter less flag extension. 1.0" (25mm) length (includes mounting stem, less hose barb)


A Few of Many Industries Served

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