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Fuel Filter Service Gauge

To determine if the Fuel Filter Minder® is working properly, removal of the service indicator is usually not recommended. It can be checked if there is some fuel filter restriction, and the position indicator is showing in the window of the service indicator.

Push the reset at the end of the service indicator so that the yellow position indicator returns to zero. Then operate the engine at high idle, and the position indicator should move and lock in the same position. Note: A road test may be necessary to duplicate the reading.

Check for fuel leakage from the service indicator and fitting. If leaking, replace the indicator and fitting assembly. Note: The fuel filter service indicator is supplied complete with a new fitting that has been assembled by the manufacturer. Do not install a new service indicator to an old fitting.

If the position indicator is not showing in the clear window, it is possible that there is not enough fuel filter restriction for the service indicator to read. To determine if it is working properly, remove the complete Fuel Filter Minder® assembly including fitting from the fuel system.

Pull a vacuum on the service indicator until the position indicator reaches the red zone.

If the position indicator locks in the red zone, it is working properly. If not, replace the service indicator and fitting assembly.

Re-install the service indicator and fitting assembly, and push the reset at the end of the service indicator.

Always install a new fuel filter service indicator and fitting complete. The Fuel Filter Minder® and fitting are assembled to the correct specifications at the time of manufacture.