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Installing an air filter restriction gauge is quick and easy!  The following instructions detail the steps to install a Filter Minder® Grommet Mount air filter restriction gauge in your vehicle.

When it comes to filter maintenance, when to change the filter can be a guessing game without the proper tool to indicate when the filter's life has actually been reached.

Cabin Air FilterWe offer an expansive line of Filter Minder® filter monitoring devices and mounting options which allow filter elements to be serviced when they have reached the end of their service life and maximum efficiency in dirt-holding capacity, and not prematurely serviced and disposed of on a time, mileage or "looks dirty" basis. 

Our Filter Minder® filter monitoring devices include our best selling graduated service indicator,  economical single position service indicators, electrical single and graduated switch indicators, and electronic sensors.

In addition to air filter monitoring devices, we offer fuel filter monitors, HVAC filter monitors, and low pressure gauges to monitor crankcase and other pressure applications.

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