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Filter Minder® Accessories / Related Products

Air Filters

The Filter Minder® easily installs on air induction systems. It can be mounted directly to the air cleaner, remote mounted, or dash mounted.

Some air cleaners are not equipped with a mounting fitting. Adapter fittings, rubber grommets, and vacuum hose are available from Engineered Products Company

Note: See installation instructions for more information.

   Filter Minder® Retrofits










Fuel Filters

The Fuel Filter Minder® easily installs at the outlet of the suction diesel fuel filter with the use of an in-line tee fitting.

Ford Filter Minder® Graduated SwitchKomatsu Air Filter Restriction Gauge - Threaded MountFilter Minder® air and fuel filter restriction indicators, gauges and most switches can be private labeled with your company name, logo, and part number along with your color preference.  Private part numbers can be laser marked on pressure and non-locking air and fuel switches and electronic sensors

Text can be printed so that it is readable with the Filter Minder® mounted in a specific location or orientation (with the reset pointing up or down).

Note:  For high volume annual requirements, there are no price penalties. There is a one-time artwork and design charge for each specific private label.Various Air Filter Restriction Gauges with Private Labels



Dyno testing at various air filter restrictions has shown that horsepower remains constant as filter restriction increases within an engine manufacturer's specifications.


Dyno HP Rating for Cummins N-14 Engine at 1500 RPM






The Filter Minder®:

  • Allows the full use of filter capacity
  • Reduces labor
  • Prevents excess fuel consumption from overly restricted air filters
  • Reduces the number of used filters going into landfills
  • Extends engine service life (Refer to: How Filters Work)
  • Prevents over and under servicing



Click on a chart below to see a full view of the cost comparison between replacing a filter on a time, mileage, or "looks dirty" basis and replacing a filter when it has reached its full capacity using the Filter Minder®.


  • Truck Fuel Maintenance
    Cost Comparison
  • Truck Air Maintenance
    Cost Comparison
  • Auto Air Maintenance
    Cost Comparison

  • LED Display The LED Display is available in either a square or circle mount.
  • Fuel Indicators Fuel Indicators with a variety of fitting options.
  • Hose Hose is available in lengths of up to 20 ft.
  • Wire Harnesses Wire harness adapters are available to accommodate virtually any application.
  • Brackets and Grommets Brackets and grommets add mounting versatility.
  • LED Display Square
  • Fittings Fittings may be purchased in bulk packs.
  • LED Display Round
  • Test Syringe Test syringes are available for use with any Filter Minder® product.
  • Miscellaneous Miscellaneous accessories, such as decals, fitting caps, and electrical connectors are available.
  • Fittings A wide assortment of fittings are available to accommodate virtually any application need.
  • Fitting Safety Filter Shown