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Filter Minder® Accessories / Related Products

  • Test Syringe Test syringes are available for use with any Filter Minder® product.
  • Brackets and Grommets Brackets and grommets add mounting versatility.
  • Wire Harnesses Wire harness adapters are available to accommodate virtually any application.
  • LED Display The LED Display is available in either a square or circle mount.
  • Fittings Fittings may be purchased in bulk packs.
  • Fittings A wide assortment of fittings are available to accommodate virtually any application need.
  • LED Display Square
  • Miscellaneous Miscellaneous accessories, such as decals, fitting caps, and electrical connectors are available.
  • Fuel Indicators Fuel Indicators with a variety of fitting options.
  • Fitting Safety Filter Shown
  • Hose Hose is available in lengths of up to 20 ft.
  • LED Display Round