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Understanding Filters and How Filter Restriction Monitoring Works

When should the Filter Minder® be reset?

Compair Air CompressorThe Filter Minder® should be reset whenever the service indicator is checked to determine air filter restriction or when a new air filter is installed. Push the reset button at the end of the service indicator, and the position indicator will return to zero.

If the air filter has not been replaced, the position indicator will return to the same reading when the vehicle is driven under normal driving conditions.

High humidity and rainy conditions can make air filter restriction increase more than dry air conditions. The Filter Minder ® reading may show a slightly lower or higher reading after being reset and the vehicle operated depending on atmospheric conditions.

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At Right:  Filter Minder® Single Position Panel Mounted Indicators on CompAir air compressor with Sogefi private label. Note Filter Minder® on right is "red-lined," clearly indicating the air-end filter needs changed.