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Understanding Filters and How Filter Restriction Monitoring Works

Myth vs Fact

A Variety of Engine Air Filters

Prior to the creation of the Filter Minder® filter monitoring solution, filters were frequently changed based on visual inspection, regardless of their condition.  It is a long-standing myth that an engine air or fuel filter should be changed about every 6,000 miles or when it "looks dirty." 

The fact is that a certain amount of dirt in an air filter actually increases its filtering efficiency by reducing the size of the holes in the filter media which helps stop smaller dirt particles. 

This means that instead of a maximum life of 6,000 miles, the typical air filter may actually last anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 miles!

By properly monitoring and utilizing full filter capacity, our customers benefit from substantial cost savings over the life of the equipment.

Filter Minder® products:

  • enable optimized service intervals, avoiding costly over-servicing and disposal of filters;
  • alert operators to filtration system restriction, avoiding excess fuel consumption;
  • prevent catastrophic damages caused by an inoperable filter, such as "dusting" an engine;
  • eliminate unplanned equipment downtime, and
  • extend filter life, decreasing waste and protecting the environment.


Use a filter?

Engineered Products Company can provide a high quality monitoring device.


Motor Vehicles and Trucks on a Highway


The Filter Minder® can be found on a wide variety of applications throughout the world, including:  Automotive - Truck - Construction - Agriculture - Compressors - Blowers - Hydraulics - Lawn and Garden - Irrigation Industries - Oil Fields - Marine.... or any industry that uses a filter.